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Boating: Point Roberts Marina

For years Point Roberts Marina has well-served boaters traveling through the Pacific Northwest; offering a safe place to moor in its well-designed marina, perfect weather and ideal locale.


Point Roberts Marina provides boaters with the perfect location to discover the San Juan Islands (13 miles), the Canadian Gulf Islands (10 miles), World Class Golf (2 miles), and private airport (1 mile). Point Roberts, Washington is located 30 miles north of Bellingham, WA and 22 miles south of Vancouver, B.C., immediately adjacent to the lower mainland community of Tsawwassen. An anomaly of politics and geography, Point Roberts, has saltwater on three sides and a land bridge to the north connecting to Canada. It's a great place to get away, and still be just minutes from the heart of Vancouver.


Info and launch sites

There is a summer kayaking program through the Point Roberts Parks District - this is closed for the season.

Kayak rental - there is no commercial, public kayak rental at this time and the marina does not provide kayak rental

The main launch site is at Lighthouse Park

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